FitSource Philosophy

Nature and Science: Our Formulation Philosophy

We respect nature’s intelligence. Our bodies naturally seek equilibrium and a healthy balance. We believe many health concerns develop due to structure and function imbalances- related to poor nutrition, stress, and pollutants in our environment- but that carefully chosen nutritional compounds can help maintain equilibrium and a healthy balance. We study science. We base our formulations on the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms our bodies use to maintain balance. We choose scientifically optimal nutrient forms and potencies that work at the cellular level to synchronize the body’s interdependent systems and create balance. It’s from this balance that our customers are able to achieve the best possible results.


We are advocates for a wellness revolution. We call for a radical change in the way our communities think and act about health. We stand for a new healthcare model focused on early intervention to address metabolic structure and function imbalances which can impact wellness, and less on disease care.
This new model called embraces the health enhancing value of nutritional compounds the body already recognizes. We call this shift to a more in-depth, holistic view of health, the wellness revolution and it is gaining momentum as a social movement. New scientific studies continue to validate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a nutrient dense diet, and more consumers are taking a proactive role with their health. Leaders in medicine are championing a new integrative model which optimally combines nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and a holistic view of health. These developments mean that each of us have more opportunities than ever to enhance our personal well-being and vitality.