Why Should I Cleanse?

Our body functions best when all systems (digestive, immune, and endocrine) are in sync and working optimally.  A cleanse is not only a great way to reset your body and flush toxins, but it is also a great way to maintain healthy and optimally functioning body systems.  Excess stress and poor diet often cause the body to be thrown out of sync, leaving you feeling low on energy, sluggish and more prone to sickness.  We are exposed to harmful chemicals all the time, and our body does a great job of breaking down and processing those chemicals, but those detoxifying organs also need nourishing so that they can perform optimally.

To get your body back on track and functioning properly a cleanse is a great way to go, and the Fit Source Naturals Cleanse and Daily Detox is great product for just that.  The Cleanse is designed to boost the activity of enzymes that break down harmful toxins, and nourish the detoxifying organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, and colon.

Our body thrives when our digestive, immune, and endocrine systems are functioning properly. Nutrients and valuable minerals found in fresh, non-processed foods are important in maintaining the proper function of these systems.  In addition to taking the Fit Source Naturals Cleanse and Daily Detox once a day, it is also important eliminate as much processed food as possible and eat mainly whole foods.  If you are looking for a way to kickstart your weight loss, rid your body of toxins, or just take better care of your body- a cleanse is a good way to go.  Below are some tips for your Fit Source Cleanse and Daily Detox journey!

Some Helpful tips for your Cleanse:

  1. Plan and Prepare your three meals & snacks
  2. Follow the suggest dietary guideline for everything you consume.
  3. Include an unprocessed protein, fat, and carbohydrate in every meal.
  4. Drink a lot of water, and add ¼ of a lemon.
  5. Don’t forget to get up and move!
  6. Sleep is essential. Get that beauty sleep!
  7. Take deep breaths throughout the day, and try to stay relaxed.
  8. Laugh and be joyful.
  9. Stay positive!